RSS Feed Live


I've just added an RSS feed to the site. As I try to increase the amount I write, having a feed is a plus.

The feed is available at

I made use of a great little node library node-rss to setup the feed as a route on my express server.

For now I'm using a json file to configure my feed items. I will probably start tracking the items in a DB soon instead.

The module to expose my feed:

  var RSS = require('rss');
  var feed_json = JSON.parse(require('fs').readFileSync('./rss_feed.json', 'utf-8'));
  function createRSSFeed() {
    var feed = new RSS({
      title: 'Ordinary Robot',
      description: 'Ordinary Robot Blog Posts',
      feed_url: '',
      site_url: '',
      managingEditor: 'Matthew Parke',
      webMaster: 'Matthew Parke',
      copyright: '2014 Matthew Parke',
      language: 'en',
      categories: ['HTML','CSS','JavaScript'],
      pubDate: new Date().toString(),
      ttl: '60'
    var feed_items = feed_json.items;
    var length = feed_items.length;
    for (var i = 0; i < length; i++) {

    return feed.xml();

  var xml = createRSSFeed();

  module.exports = function() {
    return xml;

The route using the module:

  router.get('/rss', function (req, res) {
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