tl;dr The beta release of my first web game based on the retro game snake is now live at The recommended browser is desktop Chrome.

About the Game

Endless levels. Endless creatures. In Deep Water, you're a sea dragon eating creatures on your way down into the depths of the ocean. In beta, the game is currently unfinished but has an initial design, core mechanics, and the ability to post your scores. I'm still actively working on several aspects of the game, including new mechanics for both the sea dragon and AI, art assets, and eventually sound effects and music. A list of known issues and upcoming features is listed below.

Concept Drawings

Sea Dragon



Planned Updates

  • Smoother animations
  • Sea Dragon and AI Sprites
  • Moving AI
  • New AI and sea dragon damage mechanics

Known Issues

  • Performance may get choppy in Firefox, I'm actively working on some optimizations.
  • Restarting the game several times may sometimes result in a slowing of the game, refresh the page if you see this issue.

Feedback Welcome

I appreciate all feedback, feature requests, and bug reports. Until I get a form up on the game for feedback, leaving a comment on this post or using my contact form works fine.

Looking for Indie Game Devs!

If you're a web dev or indie game dev looking to get involved in this project, another project, or just want to talk development, don't hesitate to contact me.

Lastly, I hope you like the game!

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