• Cleaning Up Merged Git Branches

    How to delete merged branches in batch.

  • RSS Feed live

    An RSS feed for Ordinary Robot is now available at /rss.

  • Adventures in Small Libraries

    A description of some recent experiences in creating small libraries from app modules.


    The beta release of my first web game, based on the retro game snake.

  • JavaScript App Building Blocks

    Some small building blocks for any JS app prototype, including an inheritance helper, mixin helper, extend method, and events mixin.

  • Creating an Events Mixin

    A detailed tutorial on writing a custom events mixin, useful for giving app modules event support and creating a pub sub mechanism.

  • Sliding Panels with CSS3 Transitions

    An introduction to CSS3 transitions and their application by creating a sliding panel component.

  • Revealing Modules and Mixins

    The revealing module pattern is the alternative to writing all your JS modules with prototypes, a must have for the front end dev's toolbox.

  • Writing a Throttle Function

    A throttle function can be useful in a few different scenarios, for example when you want to reduce the number of ajax calls being made from an app to your server.

  • Simple Client Side Typeahead

    After recently implementing a simple client-only typeahead, I thought I'd share. The implementation takes pre-existing data and shows a result set within a specified container.

  • Percentage Height and Calc()

    Percentage sizing is great for dynamic layouts. This example is based on a 100% height scrollable sidebar on a page layout with multiple navigations.

  • Backbone Handlebars Rendering

    Using Handlebars templates with Backbone views is a good foundation that provides a lot of flexibility for managing and rendering views within an app. Here's a quick rundown on how to setup a base view in backbone to render your templates.

  • Drawing on the HTML5 Canvas Element

    A tutorial for pen drawing on the canvas element, including a live demo with the ability to convert your drawing to a PNG.